ESPNThe NHL has offered a new labor deal to its locked-out players, proposing a 50-50 split in hockey-related revenue and a full 82-game season starting Nov. 2.  NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announced the offer Tuesday in Toronto, where the league and the players’ union discussed core economic issues rather than continuing to focus on secondary issues.  “We hope we’ve given our best shot,” Bettman told reporters.  NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr said that the offer includes a deal that is “at least six years in length” and acknowledged that the union will respond to the proposal “sooner rather than later.”

I think it moved, Jerry!  Holy hell am I ready for real hockey to come back.  Don’t give me that “KHL on ESPN3” garbage.  Don’t tell me to go watch AHL games.  I’m hooked on the NHL like a Harlem man on Blue Magic, so no cut-up bullshit substitute from Nicky Barnes is going to get me the kind of hockey high I need.  The NHLPA better read between the lines and accept this fucking deal right fucking now because if Gary Bettman’s above quote is any indication, this is as good as it’s going to get, boys.

If everything goes according to plan the puck could hit the ice in just about 2 weeks. And so now it’s official, hockey fans are now the battered spouses of the sports world.  We bitch and complain about this lockout because we know it’s wrong and we tell ourselves that we deserve better, but when that strong-handed daddy of ours tells us he wants to work it out, we come crawling back through those arena turnstiles like the sad little pathetic puck sluts we are.  We just can’t help ourselves.  We love hockey.  We know it didn’t mean to beat us up on purpose.  It had to.  It was for our own good, really.  I love you, NHL.  I’m sorry for making you hurt me… @Osgood_StoolNYC