UncrateAnd so the trend of insanely sweet vodka flavors marches on with Glazed Donut Vodka ($16). Created by a company that knows a thing or two about sweet-flavored vodkas — other 360 flavors include double chocolate, bing cherry, and cola — it beats out the real thing by over 150 calories — assuming you’re watching your weight — and is bound to mix well with an array of ingredients that you wouldn’t let anywhere near a glass of Belvedere

Christ this is the last fucking thing I need. Donuts and booze combining into one. If this bottle could somehow blow me I’d be set. Wouldn’t ever talk to anyone again. Just sit at my desk recording a podcast of me getting drunk on glazed donut vodka getting head from a glass bottle of liquor.

You know what I’d much rather prefer than donut flavored vodka though? Vodka flavored donuts. Actually, I should clarify that – I dont want a donut that tastes like alcohol when you bite down. I just want a donut that gets me drunk. Granted thats a surefire way for me to die from alcohol poisoning since my donut tolerance is through the fucking roof. Like at some point I always stop drinking simply because I can’t stand the shots or my 1 millionth beer or whatever it is I’m drinking. But if donuts – specifically popems/donut holes – could get me drunk, I’d be like 10 times the legal limit every night I partied/ate donuts. I can eat a box of 50 from Dunkin in one sitting. A nice assortment of chocolate glazed, glazed, jelly and powdered and I’d need a designated driver every single night.