The Jets quickly squashed the rumors that they were looking to trade up for Trent Richardson. I believe the direct quote from one Jets source was that there is a “0.0% chance” that happens. Everyone keeps pointing to past precedent saying Mr. T loves to trade up in the draft and has never once traded down and all this other rhetoric that’s supposed to bait people into thinking something sexy is gonna happen. But it doesn’t look likely. I know yesterday I said trading up for Richardson was a good idea but that was more to make sure I didn’t bash the idea only to have it actually happen like I did with Tebow. Fool me once, Jets! Can’t fool me twice.

Truth is the Jets desperately need help on the O Line. They desperately need to revamp the pass rush. They definitely need another wide receiver threat (I use the term “another” lightly considering Santonio might just quit again), but as I said yesterday I wouldn’t mind trying to get back to that Ground and Pound. Point being there’s a lot of work to do, so trading down and stock piling picks might not be a bad idea. Not sexy. Not gonna garner headlines. But I think we can all agree that its time for the Jets to abandon those motives and get back to football basics.

And I don’t know about the Giants. Need a linebacker or some shit? Address the running game now that Jacobs is gone and Ahmad is ancient? Some backup plan in case the Osi situation gets ugly again? Another corner? I feel like the Giants corners always suck. I dunno fuck you guys you don’t need any more help.