Daily Mail- A female impersonator has launched a $20million lawsuit for damages after he was jailed in a prison for women. Carla Brenner said his life became a living hell once the other prisoners realized he was a man. The 52-year-old drag queen said he was assaulted and abused by the other prisoners when they realized he had still had male anatomy. Despite dressing like a woman Brenner maintains that he was still a man and has not undergone a sex change. He claims he was examined by two sets of doctors – but because he looked like a woman was sent to a female facility. ‘The big hair, the makeup – I am an entertainer, a drag queen,’ he said. ‘How can you not tell a vagina from a penis? They had two doctors – someone from the board of health and a Metro administrator come to the jail. ‘And they had me get on the table and examined me and everything. They also said I was female. I don’t understand that,’ Brenner said. Brenner, who is also known as Lamonda Fuller, claimed officials deliberately said he was a woman. After being sent to the female prison run by the Corrections Corporation of America he said he was abused by the other women. ‘I was strip searched, completely naked, with the women. I was showered with the women. I was sexually assaulted on two separate occasions in the shower by women,’ said Brenner. Brenner claimed his stay for several months was so traumatic he contemplated suicide. ‘I survived it through the grace of God, because it was hell. I had contemplated suicide. It was horrible,’ Brenner said.

Poor Lamonda. He/She almost hit the lotto. You know how great prison must be for a drag queen? Its like your whole life is a porno gangbang. If you’re down with dick, ain’t no better place to be than in prison. You’re the fuckin belle of the ball in the joint if you’re gay. The prom queen. Head cheerleader. Thats a dream come true. But in the most ironic twist of all time, he gets sent to lady prison. Do you know how good of a drag queen you need to be to convince doctors you’re a female when you’ve got a dick hanging between your legs? I’m not sure how they can cup your balls, tell you to cough, and then send you off to lady prison, but you did it, bro. Easily the greatest drag queen performance of all time.

So instead of heading to Federal Pound You In The Ass prison, he’s locked up with a bunch of ghetto vagina. And if there’s one thing gay guys and straight guys can agree on, its that female prison is one of the worst places of all time. Bad ass bitches that beat you up and make you eat pussy in the shower. No fucking thanks. I mean if I was in Lamonda’s situation, I’d obviously say I dodged a bullet. A bullet shaped like gigantic black prison dicks aimed right at my asshole. But that doesn’t mean I’d be thrilled. I’d have Saul Goodman on the line whipping up a lawsuit for $20 million too if I had the cast of Set It Off she-raping in the showers.