Fast forward to like 2:30

Brian Scalabrine vs. Paul The Sales Guy! Who saw that coming? I thought for sure it would have been the giant black dude who looked like a full size version of Beetlejuice from Howard Stern. Then bingo bango all the sudden that guy with the man purse swoops in and its white on white crime.

This has gotta be the most despicable fight in a while. Drunk white trash from Boston vs. the Pseudo-homeless from New York. Makes the ghetto fight from yesterday look like a legally sanctioned match. A dispute that starts over cutting someone in line for street meat and ends up with a Boston drunk rolling around on the sidewalk while homeless people steal the change that falls out of his wallet. Thats World Star at its finest.

PS – I guess when you’re wasted and you’ve just gotten knocked the fuck out you aren’t thinking clearly, but I never understand these guys who literally cannot even stand up and still are talking shit trying to save face. Should probably just stay put on that milk crate until your brain starts functioning again brah.