NYCTheBlog - A casually dressed, presumably very intoxicated drunk young man, sporting a snappy blazer, button down shirt and blue jeans, aggressively verbally assaulted a large bouncer outside of Clancy’s* on 2nd Ave, north of 51st Street. This had predictable results, with the bouncer shoving the hapless dude down to the ground at least four times. The sloshed patron did not let this deter him, jumping right back up each time to continue antagonizing the exasperated bouncer, while his trusty sidekick threatened a lawsuit for assault over and over again.

Drunk kid in blazer:  “That’s a lawsuit!”

Gigantic 350 pound bald black bouncer:  “We don’t give a fuck!”

Yup that’s when you know it’s time to hit the road homie!  I mean we’ve all hurled insults at some dickhead bouncer who wouldn’t let us in to the bar. We’ve all been there.  But once you find yourself lying on your back in the street bleeding from the skull for the 5th time probably time to just call it a night.  Like we get it dude.  You REALLY want to get into Clancy’s.  Unfortunately the monster bouncer just itching for a reason to knock your head off your shoulders straight down 2nd Avenue isn’t too keen on the idea of you getting in.  Like you informed him of all the assault laws he was in violation of and he responded by tossing your ass 50 feet onto the pavement.   So while nobody can fault your resilience probably just time to pack up the blazer and head on home.

PS – Hey what the fuck are those kids doing at the 3:58 mark?  Uhhh where’d you fuckers come from anyway?  Get a room bro.