Not the girl

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CBS Charlotte)A South Carolina man has been charged with attempted murder after throwing a bowling ball at a woman’s head. York County authorities arrested Omar Sheree Stevenson, 33, for the Dec. 18 incident at the Strikers Family Sports Center in Rock Hill. Police say Stevenson threw a 12-pound bowling ball at the victim’s head when she refused to let him buy drinks for her. The bowling ball hit the victim in the forehead while she was sitting on a bench. Authorities say the victim’s skull was visible from the impact, according to the police report obtained by CBS Charlotte. The victim was transported to Piedmont Medical Center where she received stitches and was released. She did not suffer a fractured skull or a concussion.

Hey toots you were in a bowling alley on a Sunday night. Unless you’re a 65 year old man in a bowling league I think its safe to assume you don’t have much going for you. Especially in the romance department. I mean if I walk into the Strikers Family Sports Center on Sunday and I see a single woman there I’m thinking one thing and one thing only – this broad is as desperate as they come. She’s so DTF its not even funny. I’m thinking she wants me to put my fingers in holes and the throw my balls right down her lane. Its almost a slam dunk guarantee she’ll fuck you.

And then she turns her nose up at you and won’t even let you buy her a drink? C’mon babe. Let me at least get you a vodka and cran served in a Dixie cup. How about one of those vending machine dispensed coffees? Some chicken fingers with fries? What the fuck you bougie bitch! You wanna parade around the bowling alley on a Sunday and tease these guys rolling their hearts out then don’t be surprised when you catch a 12 pounder to the head. Bottom line is when guys ask for your number or offer to buy you a drink you really should just accept and cooperate. Because not only are they just being polite but there’s a good chance that after you turn them down they may open fire on your car with semi-automatic weapons or smash your skull with a bowling ball. Probably in your best interest to drink a beer with the dude and talk about the time he rolled a 265 rather than get your brain exposed.