I bet you think I’m gonna sit here and say how much of a nerd this guy is. Tell you how its the worst proposal I’ve ever seen. Call this guy a fucking twirp and shit. Say that fight scene was so choreographed and the punches didn’t even look real.

Fuck all that noise. You wanna dress up as your favorite superhero and get your proposal game on, go for it. My only beef with this dude is choosing Spiderman. Its a known fact that bitches want a guy like Batman, not Spiderman. They like the bad boy. The Bruce Wayne swagger. Chicks want to fuck the Dark Knight. Not that little bitch Peter Parker. I mean Spiderman is basically a male gymnast. Gymnastics does not get the bitches wet.

I mean, this dude obviously knows his girl better than I do. Maybe she’s into pussy superheros. Maybe shes more of a Marvel girl than DC. All I’m saying is that if he was in a Batman costume she probably would have sucked his dick on the spot.

PS – Was that henchman ringleader in the wife beater R.A. Dickey?