NYDNA Manhattan man didn’t keep his eye on the correct bottom line while boozing at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, and found himself on the hook for a $28,000 bar tab. William Ilg’s lawsuit — claiming that he was fraudulently billed at the West Side jiggle joint in 2011 — is a bust, too. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Manuel Mendez tossed out the suit, in which Ilg alleged he was served too many drinks, leaving him “no longer capable of conducting financial transactions.” When Ilg discovered $28,109.60 in credit card charges for a night of pleasure he couldn’t even remember, he demanded a full refund. “There is no duty upon (Hustler Club) to protect plaintiff from the results of his (voluntary) intoxication,” Mendez wrote in a recent decision. The judge also dismissed another legal action Ilg filed this year claiming the club lacked the proper liquor license. In that motion, Ilg added the allegation he was plied with cocaine as well as booze on the night he was soaked, according to court papers. Hustler Club lawyer Beth Gereg declined to comment and Ilg’s lawyer did not return a call.

Sad day for the American justice system and drunks everywhere. This could have been a precedent-setting ruling on the hot topic of “too drunk to conduct financial transactions.” The fact that that is not in the Bill of Rights or a Constitutional Amendment or in a rule book somewhere is a crime. You know how many times I get the bill and I’m so drunk I’m fully incapable of calculating the tip? Trying to divide by 5 or moving the decimal place and multiplying by two? Thats like asking me to do a differential equation at that point in the night. Might as well hand me the bill and ask me “Whats the square root of this apartment?” Too drunk to conduct financial transactions should absolutely be a real defense. And it should be the burden of the sober party to understand that and prevent the situation from happening. Like how come if I have sex with a girl who’s too drunk I can get charged with rape, but the Hustler Club takes advantage of a drunk guy to the tune of $28,000 – pretty much rape if you ask me – and nothing happens to them? Bullshit. There’s no fucking way anybody in their right mind ever intends on purposely spending 28K at the Hustler Club. The Club should be responsible for understanding that and shouldn’t be able to take advantage of you. Its basically statutory date rape. You tricked me and got me drunk and now you’re raping me, Hustler Club. Should be unconstitutional.