The video is a little long but make sure you see the exchange at the 7 minute mark.

Number one place to go trip acid has gotta be a dog show at Madison Square Garden. Perfect acid setting. Animals running around. Lunatics every where. I could go to the Westminster Dog Show as sober as a priest and I would still probably bug out. Between the drug choice and the hairstyle this whole thing looks like an episode from Workoholics.

By the way, whats the verdict with Workoholics? Do people like that show? I feel like they want to be on that Always Sunny level but the show is just flat out too absurd for me to put it on that level. I feel like I’m watching a cartoon but its live actors. Its like Aqua Teen Hunger Force or South Park but with real humans. I will usually watch it on demand late at night when nothing else is on, and its good for a few absurd laughs. But its just straight up too ridiculous. I guess its like perfect stoner humor and just preposterous shock humor at its finest. I mean that scene where they had a gigantic cow carcass delivered to their house and spent the whole episode chopping it up with chainsaws covered in blood so that they could make their own beef jerky?? Lunacy.

I’ll leave it up to a vote.

Vote 1 for Workoholics is too absurd Vote 10 for its funny

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Shout out to Film Drunk for the video