THOMASTON, Ga. (AP) - An Upson County couple is suing a grocery store chain in federal court, claiming that the husband found a used tampon in his bowl of cereal. According to the complaint, Thomas and Lynn Roddenberry  said they bought a box of Chocolate Chip Crunch cereal from the Save-A-Lot store in Thomaston in October 2008. A day after buying the cereal, Thomas Roddenberry said he discovered the tampon in his bowl after taking a bite of the cereal. The man said he spit out the cereal, immediately became nauseated and went to an emergency room. The suit was filed on Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Macon. A spokesman for Save-A-Lot declined to comment on the case on Friday, citing pending litigation.

Well that shit is certainly not magically delicious. Sometimes you open up your cereal and you get a secret decoder ring and sometimes you get a used tampon. Those are the breaks. But what the fuck is chocolate chip crunch? I like to think of myself as a cereal connoisseur and I’ve never heard of that shit. If you’re eating anything other than Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms you’re an amateur.¬† Both of which I refuse to believe are apart of your complete breakfast, by the way. I think I may give the nod to Cinnamon Toast Crunch only because 75% of Lucky Charms completely suck. The oats are just a waste of everyone’s time, Should just be a box full of dried marshmallows and then I could give it the crown. My gay roommates eat Grape Nuts. Seriously how gay is that? Eating Grape Nuts is gayer than sucking dick.