NY Post – Sandy took his home — and then his boss took his job! A Brooklyn man was fired by a fire protection company after he failed to call into work following the hurricane — despite the fact his home was destroyed, a new lawsuit charges. Antonio Rojas, 26, who worked since July as a dispatcher at Academy Fire Protection in Maspeth, Queens, was told by his company hours before the storm that workers didn’t have to come in the next day, according to the suit filed by well-known employment attorneys, Matthew Blit and Russell Moriarty. After the storm lambasted the eastern seaboard on Monday night, Rojas’s Sheepshead Bay home lost electricity and was destroyed by massive flooding, the papers allege. Even his car was ruined, the documents state. ”We had no power and no landline. But before my cell phone conked out, I sent two texts to coworkers about my situation,” said Rojas. “I was stuck all day Tuesday in my house and I had no way to get in touch with the company.” Throughout Tuesday, Rojas allegedly had no access to a landline or email, and his cell phone had no signal and the battery was dying. Finally, on Wednesday, he says he got through to his office and promised that he would rent a car on Thursday to make it in. But the company told him he was fired because he had not contacted them earlier, court papers say.

Listen I know how the corporate world works. The first mention of rain or snowfall and all the sudden everyone is working from home. The excuses start flowing. It could be a cloudy day and people start digging deep for reasons to play hookie. When I was a cube monkey I worked for a company that was particular preposterous with working from home. It was down in the World Financial Center and literally everyone would take their computers home and “WFH” on September 11th every year because “there was too much traffic with the memorial services.” Shit like that happened all the time. People had the cable man coming like once a week. People got in car accidents daily. One time this one dude said that he had some sort of special Jury Duty where he missed every Friday for like 8 weeks during the summer. I’ll never forget that – this dude just completely fabricated a non-existent type of jury duty that essentially gave him a three day weekend through the whole summer. Anyway, point is, I know a lot of people abuse the system when it comes to skipping work.

But TUESDAY was the fucking big hurricane day. Monday was the fake, shut-everything-down-early day, and then Tuesday like nobody from Boston to Maryland worked. Except for Barstool Sports, of course. Dude missed one day and was in contact with his company by Wednesday. I’d say he deserves just a teensy bit of slack, no? I mean sure theres a chance he was just chillin with his feet up watching movies drinking hot chocolate with my manager who was pretending to be at jury duty. But I’d say given the fact that about 2 million people had their lives ruined from Sandy, a 1 day grace period is pretty reasonable.