NY PostA JFK-bound passenger flying high on duty-free liquor had to be duct-taped to his seat to stop a midair rampage — which included shouts that the plane was going down, sources said yesterday. Gudmundur Karl Arthorsson, 46, tried to choke and grope several people and was spitting all over the cabin when passengers pounced on him about halfway into the Thursday flight from Reykjavik, Iceland. “He drank an entire bottle of hard liquor two to three hours into the flight,” said Manhattan resident Andy Ellwood, who posted on his blog a photo of Arthorsson taped to his seat. He tried to “choke the woman next to him” and was “screaming the plane was going to crash,” according to accounts from terrified passengers. “Just think of a typical drunk, when he starts taking fighting poses,” a police source said, adding that Arthorsson appeared to be “completely out of his mind.” The two Guatemalan men got fed up with Arthorsson’s antics and pinned him to his seat. An off-duty captain helped the good Samaritans hold him down while Icelandair’s flight crew closed in with green duct tape and Flex cuffs, which they used to bind the man around the ankles and knees. They duct-taped Arthorsson to his seat and gagged his big mouth — just for good measure. “Police took him when the plane landed,” Ellwood said.

What a fuckin move by these passengers huh? Its a better story than the Flight 93 “Lets Roll” passengers during 9/11. Fuckin Gudmundur gets all liquored up on duty free booze and spends the flight strangling people and spitting on chicks. Couple Guatemalan guys are like fuck this noise and wrap his ass up. Bravo, fellas. I can’t even stand normal people on planes. The moment I see a fat person or some shmuck who wants to chat me up I wanna gag my own mouth so they just leave me alone. I can’t even imagine Gudmundor straight up raping people on a flight across the Atlantic.

PS – Looks just like the principal from Billy Madison