CLEMSON, S.C.A man has been hospitalized after police in South Carolina say he was hit by an SUV while playing a real-life version of the video game “Frogger.” Authorities said the 23-year-old man was taken to a hospital in Anderson after he was struck at around 9 p.m. Monday. In the “Frogger” arcade game, players move frogs through traffic on a busy road and through a hazard-filled river. Before he was hit, police say the man had been discussing the game with his friends. Chief Jimmy Dixon says the man yelled “go” and darted into oncoming traffic in the four-lane highway.

Game over. You know what I never understood in Frogger? How come the frog dies if you fall into the water? Last time I checked frogs are pretty good at not dying in water. Anyway, I’m supremely confident I’d kill it at real life Frogger. Shit I’m pretty confident anyone living in Manhattan would. Walking the streets with cabs and buses is basically real life Frogger every day. I’d probably need to do a little bit of training when it comes to crossing rivers on the backs of turtles and floating logs but I promise you that there’s no chance I’d get hit by a truck like this fuckin hick from South Carolina.