GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Sept. 27 (UPI) — Swedish authorities said an international arrest warrant has been issued for a man who had a friend pose as him to avoid a prison term. Police said the 37-year-old Gothenburg man was sentenced to one year in prison in January 2008 after being convicted of charges including copyright infringement, breaking Swedish medical laws and handling smuggled goods, the Swedish news agency TT reported Thursday. However, the man was not held in remand in between being sentenced and the start of his prison term, and police said during that time he convinced a friend to serve the sentence for him. Investigators said the convict took out a driver’s license bearing his own name and the picture of his friend to carry out the identity swap. Police said the other man had served the majority of the sentence by the time the ruse was discovered. The man was set free. “We were the victims of advanced con,” said Ulf Jonson of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. Police said an international arrest warrant has been issued for the convict, who is believed to have fled to the Philippines.

How good of a friend is this fucking guy? There’s is absolutely nobody on the planet earth I’d go to jail for. Not my mother, not my father, not my brother. Not some rich billionaire willing to pay me to do the time. And certainly not for a buddy. My friends are all a bunch of sons of bitches. Just a crew of drunk idiots that ask me to hook them up with Blackout tickets and smokeshows and shit. Like I’m some sort of pimp or something. Not a fucking chance in hell I’d even give them a couch to crash on, let alone do a year in the clink for them.

Would probably do a year in jail for a friend before I ever help one move again though. I’d sign for a year worth of jail and rape before I ever do another 10am to 10pm session carrying shit up and down 5 flights of stairs trying to fit couches and beds through a doorway thats approximately 50 times too small while I sweat out booze and throw out my back.