Mirror – An Indian man has spent nine months living in a TREE because his wife refuses to say sorry for cheating on him. The man, known only as Sanjay, walked in on his partner and a next-door neighbour in their Mumbai home. And when she refused to apologise he climbed a nearby guava tree and has been there ever since. The 25-year-old has survived on a diet of fruit from the tree and food handed up by relatives. ”He eats and sleeps on the tree and even relieves himself from there,” his sister told The Asian Age newspaper. Police have said they can’t intervene because he hasn’t committed an offence. A spokesman for Cholapur police confirmed: “The man is on a tree top for the last nine months over some domestic dispute.” Sanjay’s wife has since returned to live with her parents – and has still not said sorry.

Hey Sanjay I got an honest question for you – what the fuck are you doing? You catch your wife fucking some other dude and you get back at her by living in a goddam guava tree? You really showed her! She gets the house and continues to fuck the neighbor in the comfort of her own home while you’re shitting from the tree tops. Seems like a real rough punishment for your whore of a wife. She’s the one who should be living in a tree eating guavas for 9 months. Fuck man you live in Mumbai. I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to straight up murder your wife over there if she cheats on you. Most guys would just go on a rampage and fuck random sluts. If I was in Mumbai and my wife banged the neighbor I’d fuck everyone from Princess Jasmine down to the Untouchables at the bottom of the Caste System. But Sanjay here chose the old “Live in a tree for 9 months” revenge tactic. Nice job asshole.

On a side not though, living in that tree on that beach don’t look so bad.