Fast forward to the 1:35 mark for the injury

This has gotta be the most painful thing that has ever happened in the history of the human body, right? Motherfucker stubbed his toe OFF. Like off of his body. Almost completely lost a toe. I don’t know what was under that fridge. Fucking knives and spikes or a toe eating monster or some shit but this just takes stubbing your toe to a whole new level.

About once a month I stub my toe on the legs of my metal bed frame. I don’t know why I just avoid walking there all together, but pretty regularly I mangle my toes on that shit. And you know how theres like a 1 and a half second lapse between when you hit your toe and the time it takes to reach your brain and then back down to your toes before they start to burn with pain? Well I swear to God if I had a gun within arms reach and could shoot myself in the face before that 1.5 seconds is up, I would do it. I can’t even imagine being a 275 pound idiot slipping on butter and kicking the fridge so hard you lose a fucking toe. I would definitely choose suicide over that.

PS – L.A. Beast whats your game plan here bro? Getting brain freeze and then running across a buttered floor with birthday presents? Was that your original attempt to go viral? Stick to ripping off appendages, bro.