Is there anything worse than PDA on the subway? The other day I saw a couple who were basically dry humping on the 6. And when it got crowded they turned and faced each other, holding hands, touching foreheads, kissing and whispering to each other. I felt like punching them right in their affectionate faces and screaming “Hey idiots, there’s a homeless man cutting his toe nails over there and a fat woman passed out over there and a mariachi band and break dancers performing while little black kids are trying to sell me candy bars for their “basketball team,” I don’t need you two rounding third base in front of my face right now.”

And those were two humans.

I certainly don’t need someone deep throating their pet rat on my morning commute. I’m about 1 more subway rat video from re-thinking my stance on the NYC bus system. Have I been wrong this whole time? Are the degenerates on the subway and the bus is the classy mass transportation? I don’t know what to think anymore. Up is down, down is up. All I know is I never wanna see someone tongue kiss vermin in my city ever again. Is that too much to ask??