YahooHolly Stuard’s husband just put her resume in front of thousands of fresh faces. The Ohio man rented billboard space reading “Please Hire My Wife” to help the former Toledo University employee get back to work. ”Over the last five or six months, she’s had a few opportunities come along that we thought looked really positive and unfortunately they just didn’t work out,” Brandon Stuard told local Fox affiliateToledo News Now. “I felt a sense of, she was getting a little frustrated, but not losing hope. But I wanted to do something maybe help lift her spirits if nothing else.” Stuard says the billboard space has cost him $700 but that he and his wife will consider it a bargain if he helps her restart her career.

Pimpin ain’t easy! Brandon Stuard just running around town like he’s the Godfather pimpin out his broad. All aboard the HOOOOOOOOOO TRAAAAIIIN! How many emails you think people have sent to asking for her some sort of sexual favors? 1 million? 2 million? You know how many bored teenage stoners there are in Toledo Ohio who’s highlight of their year is probably writing fucked up emails to this guy? “Dear Hire My Wife, I’d like to hire your wife to come to my house, get in a hot tub full of Pepto-Bismol, and I clip her toenails while she shaves my buttocks. Competitive compensation.” Either that or roughly 1,000 emails about having her do laundry and make sandwiches. Bottom line is if you advertise your wife’s services theres roughly a 99% chance you ain’t gonna like the response.

More importantly this billboard only costs 700 bucks? I will absolutely buy a billboard in Toledo Ohio for 700 bucks. Give me some good ideas for a Barstool billboard out in Toledo and I’ll inquire.