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The SunA businessman couldn’t bear it when his girlfriend dumped him – so he paid £15,000 to recreate her as a life-sized sex doll. The 50-year-old man took a collection of snapshots of his ex and told adult toy maker Diego Bortolin: “I want it just like her but with bigger boobs.” Diego – who refuses to name the punter – creates super realistic sex dolls at the factory behind his shop Tentazioni, or Temptations, in Treviso, Italy. He explained: “She was a smiling blonde girl but he wanted bigger boobs and a curvier backside.” “Our normal dolls are very realistic and everything works just like the real thing. “This one was more expensive because we had to replicate everything, right down to the shape of her nails and teeth. Diego defended his actions saying: “Some people say it is kinky but she is now the perfect girlfriend as far as I can see.”

I know everyone is expecting me to praise this guy for such a great idea.  Wow a life sized replica of your hot girlfriend but without the nagging!  Down to fuck 24/7 with no cramps or bloating or periods!  No visiting the in-laws! Ok well what happens when it’s 9 PM and you’re starving and the fridge is empty?   Or when you got no more clean underwear and can’t go commando because your blow up girlfriend didn’t buy toilet paper?  Or when the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion is on and you want to see if Teresa is going to beat the shit out Danielle but you can’t use the “I just watch it with my girlfriend” excuse because your girlfriend is inflatable and doesn’t have eyes?  Not going to be so cocky about your sex doll girlfriend when you’re eating Hungry Mans 3 meals a day with shit in your pants.  So yeah there are obviously benefits to having a sex doll girlfriend especially one as hot as this but let’s not suck this guy’s dick just yet.