Australia - A FATHER-of-nine’s plea for a heavier jail sentence to properly recognise his achievement in growing one of Australia’s largest cannabis crops has fallen on deaf ears.¬†Michael Bennett Gardner Sr, 58, voiced his outrage in Brisbane’s Court of Appeal over the 13-year sentence he was handed for growing 3.5 tonnes of cannabis with an estimated street value of almost $70 million.¬†Gardner was of the opinion that his effort in raising a record-breaking crop should have yielded him a jail term of at least 20-years.¬†Gardner, an anti-abortion campaigner who represented himself in court earlier this week wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “Abortion is Killing”, is among the few Queenslanders ever to challenge his prison term on the grounds it was manifestly inadequate.¬†During his sentencing hearing, Gardner, 58, called Brisbane Supreme Court judge Roslyn Atkinson a “tyrant” as she jailed him for trafficking cannabis in quantities of “heroic” proportions between June 1, 2004, and December 17, 2008.

This world is all about respect. You could have $70 million from growing heroic proportions of pot but if people don’t treat you like a hero then its all for nothing. 3 tons of weed doesn’t mean shit if you don’t get credit for it. So some hack judge sentencing you to 13 years in prison when you know you’re at least worth 20 is basically a slap in the face. Might as well spit in Mike Gardner’s eye and piss on his shoes with that pussy sentence. Dude set the all time record for growing the most weed ever, and he deserves a punishment that reflects that. Guy just wants a little recognition. Its a lot like Walter White in Breaking Bad. Its not about the meth or even the money anymore for Walt. Its about being in control and being respected. Just wanna be treated like the Boss.