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Work it boy! Part of me thinks this ballerina is just putting on a show for the cameras but then part of me thinks he’s just got more heart than anybody else out there. He’s like the Rudy of NFL cheerleading. Not the most gifted or talented but so much heart and dedication you almost can’t believe it. Its almost corny. Its almost like an act. But he keeps showing up to tryouts and keeps practicing until you realize its all real. This guy lives and breaths cheerleading. Eats sleeps and drinks leg kicks and handsprings and pom poms. Don’t you ever give up, #156. One day you’ll be on that sideline cheering for Peyton Manning.

PS – Love the “I don’t think any male has ever made it to auditions, ever” immediately followed by “its an open audition so anyone can come.” Great editing.

PPS – Still can’t dethrone Excentric’s audition