The Ultimate Showdown. Subway exiter versus Subway enterer. All that stands between peace and bloodshed? A stainless steel turnstile. 2 men enter, only one man gets to go through the turnstile a little bit before the other person.

I will go to WAR over Turnstile Right Of Way. Its probably the one thing I’m most passionate about in this whole city. And it doesn’t matter what side of the Turnstile I’m on, in my mind I always 100% have the right of way. Like for instance if I’m entering the subway and some ass clown chooses the same aisle to exit – Well in my mind I’m the one trying to catch a train. You’ve already reached your destination, bro. Get the fuck out of my way. So in that case I’m just like the fat chick here – I swipe my card and I’m like “The fuck are you gonna do now? I swiped. I paid. This turnstile belongs to me.” and I just push my way through. The key is to keep the knees up so if they go for the trip like this guy you can still break free.

Now flip the script and I’m the one leaving the subway. All these assholes entering the subway have taken over all 12 turnstile aisles as they rush for the train. You expect me to just stand there with my dick in my hand quietly waiting for everyone to get on the train? For Sure NOT. I just got off the 6 train with a Subway Behemoth, I’ve been packed in there ass-to-dick for 5 stops. I’ve been accosted by urban youths selling candy bars. I purchased 5 CDs and a half a sandwich out of White Guilt. I’ve been holding my breath for over 30 minutes. I need to get above ground and get oxygen and civilization. Get. the fuck. out of my way. And don’t even try to wait me out. I will stare you down at a turnstile until the motherfucking son comes up. I don’t care if you’ve swiped. I don’t care if you’re in a rush. You could be a mother of three 8 months pregnant, if I step up to a turnstile 1 millisecond before you, its mine and you shall not pass.

Because in this city is either you have Turnstile Right of Way, or you don’t. And if you ain’t got Turnstile Right of Way, you got nothin.