CarolinaHorry County police say a Conway man shot himself in the head with a revolver while watching a movie Friday morning, according to the report. It happened about 2:50 a.m. at 3140 Wayside Road. Witnesses told police James Gagum, 43, was sitting in the recliner when he put the gun to his head after watching a scene in the movie and said, “That’s not how it’s done.” He began pulling the trigger and on the third pull, the gun went off, according to the report. EMS was called and pronounced Gagum dead at the scene.

Is there anything worse than watching a movie with the “Thats so unrealistic” guy? You’re watching something like Jurassic Park or Independence Day and they’re complaining about the little nuances that may stretch the realm of possibility. “That would never happen in real life!” “Thats impossible!” “They didn’t make that model car until 1998!” Oh really dude?? I didn’t realize that as the fucking aliens and dinosaurs were running around. Just stuff some more popcorn in your mouth and let me watch the summer blockbuster without fact checking every single scene.

Ordinarily I’d finish a blog like this by telling those kind of people to metaphorically kill themselves. I think I can leave that out this time.