I didn’t even know The Office was still on the air. But its just great to see that other actors think the Kid From Two And A Half Men is an asshole too. Like I’d love to just hear Darryl speak freely about what he thinks of that prick. Would love to hear some actor who went on thousands of failed auditions before they ever found a home on a TV speak about that ungrateful shitbag bashing his own show. Specifically Danny Devito. Would love to hear him talk about his failed auditions and finally making it big despite being 4 feet wide and 4 feet tall and how he’s now completely throwing his standards and dignity out the window for Always Sunny. Compare that to this fat fuck kid who got handed millions for being awful and doesn’t appreciate it one shred.

PS – I love his family talking about how the kid was “brainwashed” and shit by the church. Uh, thats not an excuse. If you get brainwashed into becoming an asshole then you’re just a mental midget who’s still an asshole. Being “brainwashed” just means you’re an idiot who believes stupid shit.