The AtlanticPROBLEM: Why don’t we think sex is gross? Why didn’t my high school health teacher’s declaration that the three S’s of sex are “sticky, sweaty, and smelly” convince us all that abstinence is the way to go?

METHODOLOGY: Film clips were used to induce states of either sexual arousal, non-sexual (adrenaline-based) arousal, or neutrality were induced in 90 female subjects. The women were then asked to complete 16 different disgusting tasks, categorized as morally disgusting, animal-remainder disgusting, contamination-based disgusting, or sexually disgusting. For example: Handling a piece of feces-smeared toilet paper, drinking from a cup that had an insect at the bottom, or sticking their finger into a bowl of used condoms.The tasks were actually only fake-gross — so, they were actually touching new condoms with lubricant. They were also allowed to opt out of any of the particular tasks. But still. The wonders of the scientific method. 

The women in the various states of arousal then rated how disgusted each task left them feeling, on a scale from zero to 100. 

Also, if you’re interested, the “female friendly erotica” used to induced sexual arousal was “de Gast by Christine le Duc.

RESULTS: The sexually aroused subjects were less grossed-out by the sex-related gross tasks than the other participants. They also found the non-sex-related gross tasks to be less disgusting than the others did, but to a lesser extent that did not reach statistical significance. The sexually aroused group also opted out of fewer tasks.

CONCLUSION: The instinctual response of revulsion to most gross stimuli is somewhat dampened by sexual arousal. The theory is that, because sex can be in some ways gross, but we still need to do it, this adaptive perception has helped us thrive as a species.

Hey scientists, no fucking kidding! You know there are chicks out there that will let dudes put their dicks in their butt? Yup. In the heat of the moment they’ll just be like you can put your penis in my ass. Thats all the proof I need to know that chicks will do all sorts of gross shit when they’re turned on. They’ll also lick your balls. How insane is that? Balls are so fucking weird and gross. Not to mention they’re all smushed in between your legs and you spend all day sweating and farting on them. And they put them in their mouth! Forget about drinking gross water and picking up toilet paper. These chicks will do just about anything behind closed doors.

PS – The “sticking your hand in a bowl of used condoms” is pretty fucking gross. Wonder which fucked up scientist came up with that one. You know all the other doctors were like “make them touch a used bandaid!” “make them use someone else’s toothbrush!” and then there was one perv who was busy jerking off into a bowl full of condoms like “did I go to far?”