Huff PoWhen it comes to Elvis Presley souvenirs, the following shows that one collector’s ewww is another’s treasure. A pair of soiled underwear worn by Presley under his white jumpsuit — and not washed afterward — is expected to fetch $16,000 (10,000 pounds) at an auction in England next month, Metro UK and other outlets reported. But Omega Auctions’ website, which displays the item, put the estimate between $11,000 and $14,000 as of Monday afternoon. As for their condition, let’s just say the fuller-cut jockey-style briefs look as if the King did more shaking on stage than in the bathroom. There appears to be other tell-tale signs of potty neglect as well. He wore the skivvies during a concert in 1977, and were obtained from the estate of his dad, Vernon Presley,, according to reports. The BBC wrote that the underwear wasn’t supposed to show any lines beneath his iconic white jumpsuit. The undies are framed for suitable display. The auction of The King’s memorabilia will take place in Stockport, Greater Manchester, and will include an Elvis-annotated bible and home movies. If you can’t get enough of Presley’s dirty laundry, the auction will be web-broadcast by Omega Auctions website on Sept. 8, the BBC reported.

There’s “famous,” and then there’s “people willing to spend 16 thousand dollars for your skidmarked tighty whities famous.” I mean really take a step back and think about how many people out there are this famous. I think in the history of the music industry, only Elvis, Michael Jackson, and the Beatles could sell their shitstains for over 15 grand. How many superstars right now could fetch that kinda money for their poopy underpants? Bieber is the only one I can imagine. And I’m not even sure he’s on that shitty underpants level of fame yet. Bitches love him but I could see his underwear maxing out at like 10 grand.

Just an unprecedented level of popularity that really makes you appreciate what the King really was.

PS – I hope they had some sort of auction certificate of authenticity. I saw about 500 pairs of my dad’s tighty whities that look just like that when I was growing up.