NY Daily NewsThe entire police force in a small Mexican town abruptly resigned Tuesday after its new headquarters was viciously attacked by suspected drug cartel gunmen.  All 14 police officers in Los Ramones, a rural town in northern Mexico, fled the force in terror after gunmen fired more than 1,000 bullets and flung six grenades at their headquarters on Monday night.  No one was injured in the attack. Mayor Santos Salinas Garza told local media that the officers resigned because of the incident.  The gunmen’s 20-minute shooting spree destroyed six police vehicles and left the white and orange police station pocked with bullet holes, the Financial Times reported.  The station had been inaugurated just three days earlier.  The attack was the second in less than a week against police forces in Nuevo Leon. Last week, thugs threw two grenades at police in Sabinas Hidalgo, according to newspaper Noroeste.  Los Ramones is in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, which has been a war zone of turf violence between two of the country’s fiercest drug gangs, the Zetas and the Gulf cartel.  About 90% of forces have less than 100 officers, and 61% of cops earn less than $322 a month, according to the Finanical Times. Mexico’s intelligence chief said this summer that nearly 30,000 people have died in drug related crimes since 2006.

Hey here’s a silly question for the Los Ramones police force.  What did you think you were signing up for exactly?  Like I’m taking a quick gander at the stats here and it looks like 30,000 people have died from the drug cartels in your town over the past 4 years.    One town has some 13 year old girl as the Sheriff because no one else would take the job.   Probably all factors that should have weighed into your decision to become a cop huh?    I mean you wanted to be a Mexican cop cashing in on bribes and corruption.   Don’t come whining to me when La fuckin Familia rolls up on you with tanks and rockets and grenades and shit blasting your ass with 1,000 bullets.   That’s like a porn star showing up on the set of Anal Gangbangs 4 and quitting because she didn’t know she had to fuck somebody.   Read the job description next time sweetheart.  You want the fame and the power and the paycheck?  Better start sucking dick.  Same thing applies for the Los Ramones police force.   You want the gun and the shiny badge?   Better slap that bulletproof vest on and find a real good fuckin place to hide.