Picture 1


1) Beyonce vs. 16) Avril Lavigne
8- Marisa Miller vs. 9) Candice Swanepoel
5) Gisele Bundchen vs. 12) Emanuela Depaula
4) Adriana Lima vs. 13) Keri Hilson
6) Rihanna vs. 11) Izabel Goulart
3) Carrie Underwood vs. 14) Katy Perry
7) Elizabetta Canalis vs. 10) Brooklyn Decker
2) Alessandra Ambrosio vs. 15) Miranda Kerr

Now I don’t know if you noticed yet but who is missing from those seedings?  Look again.  Look closely.   Ummm…where the fuck is Bar Refaeli?    First thing I noticed.  It’s like I opened up the link, blinked, and said “where’s Bar?”   That’s like the selection committee leaving Kansas off of this year’s bracket.  Just utterly reprehensible.  People should be fired.  Heads should roll.  I mean did a gay guy make this bracket?  Had to be a gay guy right?  Or a chick with a Bar grudge?  Must have been like Brooklyn Decker’s best friend who made this?  Because I don’t know what kind of la la land you have to live in to put fucking Avril Lavigne in a sexiest woman alive bracket before Bar Refaeli but it’s fucking disgusting.


PS – It’s pretty clear to me and anyone else with a dick that Alessandra Ambrosia is like Duke to this selection committee.  Just the media darling relying on past reputation and good coaching.  I mean a 2 seed?  Really?  Against #15 Miranda Kerr?  What is this 2001?  Wake up.  Dicky V would be fucking bullshit right now.     I mean this is Hampton vs. Iowa State all over again except this time Hampton is a 45 point favorite.  You make the call: