IndependentFormer Desperate Housewives star appeared at a chaity event with what appeared to be a bump. The 37-year-old actress is dating 25-year-old American football star Mark Sanchez, who she began seeing earlier this year. There has been speculation the pair were about to start a family, which has been shot down by Eva’s representative. “Rumours of the couple being pregnant are false and absolutely not true,” the spokesperson told TMZ. Eva appeared in Las Vegas last weekend in a black leather dress for a chaity gala dinner which attracted a lot of attention and speculation that she was expecting. The actress and sportsman are thought to be very serious about each other. According to insiders, Mark can’t imagine being with anyone else and feels he’s found “true love”

Hey Mark ordinarily I’d be pumped that you dodged a bullet but not this time homie. You need to drop a seed bro. Take your vitamins and eat pineapple and fuck that chick when she’s upside down and ovulating. Do whatever you gotta to to sneak one past the goalie. Because in case you haven’t noticed the window is closing on you pal. Your entire team is basically plotting against you. The media is calling for Tebow Time. Your owner will inevitably demand he become the starting QB. Time’s running out.

You know what the worst part of it all is? Its not even about Tebow. Doesn’t matter who the backup is. Anybody playing this bad would be on the hot seat, whether or not the QB is one of the most popular in the league. But Mark is still answering questions about Tebow like it matters. “I don’t feel threatened to lose my job at all, anyway.” Really bro? I mean I don’t expect him to walk up there and be like “Yea I’m fucked,” but a little sense of urgency might help.

But, like I said – the deck is stacked against him and a few more steps backwards and its sheets for Mark Sanchez. You’re in the Red Zone with Eva Longoria – time to punch one in and make sure you’re set for life. Retire South of the Border with her and a little Mexican jumping bean and continue living the dream.