You know whats a scary thought? Last year we threw the greatest nationwide party tour, and we had absolutely no fucking idea what we were doing. I mean we started out with a truck and some glow sticks in a frat basement and by the end of the year we were throwing Blackout Foam parties for 4,000 people. Do you understand the damage we’re gonna be able to do the second time around? A year’s worth of experience and Blackout knowledge under our belts. An entire nation of school’s all foaming at the mouth for us? See what I did there?

Its gonna be bananas. Foam Parties and Blackouts from here to Ohio. From Vermont down to Florida. We’re taking the country by storm, and this time we’re prepared.

All tickets go on sale next week, including the 5,000 person extravaganza in Worcester. For more info where to get tickets Follow Barstool Blackout on Twitter and Like Barstool Blackout & F*ckin Foam on Facebook