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So I’m heading back to Hoboken after a weekend in Boston. PATH Train is already packed with all kind of PRIDE parade revelers heading back to Jersey City/Newark. These two black lesbians almost killed a squished a little Asian lady to death in front of me. Risked my life taking this pick as I wasn’t sure if the Mastadons would hear/see the camera flash and give me a Yokozuna Banzai drop in return. What’s a poor little asian woman to do?

- Jordan

For some reason I have gay people romanticized in my head. Like I picture the Gay Pride Parade to be a bunch of smoking hot chicks running around and eating each other’s pussies and scissoring all over the street. Tons of well-dressed guys who look like Ryan Gosling and have washboard abs just jerking each other’s dicks everywhere. I don’t know why, but in my head there are no ugly or poor gay people. Well guess what? That’s not the case. Sometimes being gay isn’t all glamour and fab. Sometimes being gay is being a 250 pound black chick riding the PATH back to Hoboken with your Pinky-looking girlfriend. Not fierce at all.

PS – yea I’ve watched some of Pinky’s videos. What of it?