So in today’s latest installment of blowing the Tim Tebow signing out of proportion, the world is going fucking bananas that the Jets are having a press conference to introduce him. Damien Woody and everyone and their mother saying “How many times has a backup quarterback had a press conference?” Everybody saying “if its not a move for publicity, why are you holding a press conference in the field house!” Talking about how the Jets are making this the biggest deal ever. And then in the same breath you have Boomer and Carton going crazy because Rex Ryan, Mr T. and Woody aren’t scheduled to be there. Its like bizarro world shit – hey the Jets are making too big of a deal about Tebow with this press conference! But how dare upper management not go to this press conference, its a big deal! Hypocritical mumbo jumbo.

Bottom line is, the attention follows Tim Tebow. We can’t just completely ignore that he’s one of the biggest superstars in NFL history just because he’s going to be a backup. I understand the contradiction. I understand its weird. But things are going to be unconventional. Why can’t that just be accepted? Why can’t people just say, well yea hes a backup but he’s a superstar so things are gonna have to be handled differently? When the Jets receive an unprecedented amount of media requests for when they introduce Tebow, they’re gonna move it into a fieldhouse. When the media wants post game interviews with him even though he only took a handful of snaps, thats just the way its gonna be. Its weird. Its strange. It doesn’t make too much sense. But its what the media and the people want so thats how its gonna be.

And then Rex and Company decide they don’t need to be there at this press conference and people wanna make a big deal about that. Its like Jets upper management is just about the only people on the planet earth NOT making a big deal about all the Tebow hoopla. They’re the only ones that are sticking to the football side of this move, dangling their shiny new toy in front of the media to play with while they’re off handling business. They’re off spending their time in a better way than listening to their backup QB talk to the media, and they’ll get roasted for that too. Thats the only thing I really don’t like about this move – there’s a lot of damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t for the Jets. But one thing is for sure, its the media and the rest of the world causing the chaos with Tebow, not the Jets.