Danielle Staub has gone from “Real Housewives” to real dirty. The reality star is stripping down – all the way down – for a new gig with Scores. According to TMZ.com, 48-year-old Staub brokered a three-year deal that entails an appearance in the Manhattan strip joint, as well as appearances on ScoresLive.com. The Scores site is currently advertising an “exclusive event” that features Staub “raw & fully uncensored.” Photos posted by TMZ show the former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star working a stripper pole and lounging around in various states of undress. Staub has been seen in her birthday suit before. Hustler released a sex tape called “Danielle Staub Raw” last June.

A three year deal! Bah! Scores must have fucking Steve Phillips calling the shots. Word on the street is Sapphire only offered her 2 years and a stripper option for a 3rd. The most the Hustler Club was willing to offer was a 1 year incentive laden deal. Flashdancers wouldn’t even listen to her agent. And Scores comes out and throws the market all out of wack and offers her a full 3 years guaranteed. You know what I’m gonna have to offer to get Ashley Ann Vickers to become a stripper at our Barstool parties? I’m gonna have to offer her like a 10 year contract. Gonna be fucking A-Rod numbers to get my girl on the pole. Reminds me of the time the Dodgers gave Kevin Brown a $100 million contract back in 1999. Inflated the whole market. Next thing you know fucking Denny Neagle was getting signed to like a $50 million contract.

Thats what this bitch Danielle Staub is. She’s the Denny Neagle of strippers. Just an absolutely disgusting wreck who has no chance of living up to her contract. I wouldn’t be surprised is Scores sees less people on the nights she works. But in any event, do me a favor and cue the motherfucking music!