Fan Duel Week 14 Tournament Р555 people Р$50 entry Р$25,000 in prizes 1st Place $5,000 2nd place $3,500 3rd Place $2,500 

So every now and then when we blog our Fan Duel Thursday challenges I get some clown commenter being like “Nobody cares” or “Does anybody even do these things?” Uh, yea bro. Everyone does these. They fill up so fast every week Fan Duel just keeps upping the entires and upping the money because they can’t keep up with the demand. Every week I get emails from people begging us to open a few more spots because they missed their chance to sign up. Every week when I get the link the first thing I do is sign up and rush to throw together a roster just so that I make sure I make the cut. This was my team last week

Thats 434th place folks. Out of 444. Because I was so stressed about just making it in on time. So, to anyone skipping over these tournaments, the jokes on you dude. Virtually every Stoolie wants to, its just a matter of which 555 lucky ones are gonna be fast enough to make the cut. I mean for Christ sake our 3rd place prize is as much as what our first place prizes used to be. And our entry prize has stayed the same at 50 bucks. Thats how much they’ve grown. Long story short, joke is on you if you ain’t getting in on a weekly chance to win $5,000 for the price of half a bar tab, you are outside of your mind.