Come at me bro!

So Fan Duel was running a 111 person “Beat El Presidente” challenge this week which obviously filled up almost immediately with 111 people who are undoubtedly going to beat El Pres. So in order to hedge their bets, they’re opening up a second tournament on Barstool New York to try and beat KFC. I’m assuming they understand they are gonna take a bath on Boston with El Pres coming in 111th place so they brought in the Stool’s baseball guru to make sure they aren’t just giving away copious amounts of money.

Here’s the deal – its a 111 person tournament, $10 entry fee. $1000 in prizes, $300 for the winner. As always its a one day challenge – fill out your roster of players in action for Friday’s games and whoever scores the most points for that one day only is the winner. Anyone at all who finishes ahead of me gets $10. So, click here to sign up, draft your team, and Friday you can check back in and watch scores update in real time and track my team’s scoring. Username “kfcbarstool.” Stoolies always love to chime in how I don’t know sports and how I should just stick to smut and jokes and blah blah blah. Well prove it you tough talkin chumps. Free money if you’re right.

You must have signed-up for FanDuel via a Barstool link in order to be eligible for this promotion.

Click here to try and beat KFC