Did you see my last blog about the Ukrainian boy stealing his family’s life savings to spend it all on candy? He snatched $4,000 from their couch. Well the grand prize for this week’s Fan Duel is $3,300. $15,000 in total with¬†1st prize – $3,300, 2nd prize – $2,000, and 3rd prize $1,200. Essentially Fan Duel could have made first prize be a Ukrainian family of slaves to do your work for you and it would basically be the same value. Imagine that? Imagine if you won a Fan Duel challenge and they shipped you a set of Ukrainian slaves?

I’d imagine human trafficking like that would get messy so Fan Duel just sticks to cold, hard cash. Its a 332 person tournament – $50 buy in. Enter up to 3 teams. here’s the total payout up to 32nd place:

If you come in first you can purchase a Ukrainian family, a shit load of candy, or drugs booze and women. Your choice.