Boing BoingHeads up – if you’re a fat woman who wants to dress up as a popular fat character for Halloween, good luck trying to find a plus-size Ursula (from “The Little Mermaid”) costume. Disney DOES partner with a company called Disguise Costumes to offer those ubiquitous, often inappropriate “sexy” versions of characters, and they do offer an Ursula costume – but Ursula can’t be fat and sexy at the same time, so if you’re an actual plus-size woman, better look elsewhere. The “Sassy Ursula” offered in their “Fabulous Flirts” collection comes in sizes S, M & L – with L equal to a US 12-14. (The company does have a small range of actual plus size “Disney Princess” costumes – you can be Fat Cinderella or Fat Belle if you want to, but you can’t be Ursula. Better luck next time, fatties.) It’s outrageously exclusionary – it basically tells fat women that we’re too fat to play a fat character; it also tells fat women that in order to be sexy, a character must be made skinny.

This is how bad its gotten for fat chicks – they can’t even be other fat chicks anymore. You think you have one last small niche and hot chicks pull the rug out from underneath your fat swollen feet. What I’m primarily concerned with is the notion that fat women think they should be participating in Halloween at all. Halloween is a time for skinny sexy girls to release their inner slut, and thats about it. Fat girls should just stay at home. You don’t see me celebrating Hanukkah right? You don’t see white people celebrating Kwanzaa. You don’t see Asians at the Puerto Rican Day parade. There are certain holidays for certain people. Halloween ain’t for the Fats. Just wait one month until Thanksgiving, fatsos. You’ll have your time to shine.

PS – I kinda respect a fat chick though who would even be willing to dress up as Ursula from Little Mermaid. That bitch is so fucking fat and disgusting if you have the balls and the confidence to be like “Welp I can only pull off the fat disgusting octopus with the man voice” then I gotta just tip my cap to you. Self awareness is the number 1 thing fat chicks are lacking but anyone looking for a plus sized Ursula costume clearly has it.