Another dude getting fucked up at a bullfight huh?   I think the joke is on me?  Like dudes in Mexico are sitting around their laptops in their adobe huts nudging eachother betting 100 pesos they can get on Barstool at the next bullfight.  Just get all shitcanned on Tecate and bumble in to a bull ring and get their tits stomped in so they can pay the rent for the year.  Anyway chalk this up to another type of drunk I just don’t understand.  “Stumble into a bullfight ring drunk” right up there next to shit in your pants drunk.   Guy probably woke up the next morning with a killer headache like what did I do last night?  Beers…bars….strip club….the usual….oh yeah I got fuckin massacred by a million pound bull in the middle of a rodeo.   Classic.