Yes I am fat. Yes I am a Yankee fan. Yes I just crushed three beers in under 5 seconds in a chugging contest with kids from Philly (you can’t see them in the video but they all had backwards Philly hats on) One of these kids challenged my brother (fat kid in a Kohls 20% off Adidas jumpsuit to the right of me) to a chugging contest. He came right over to me and said, “take care of this please” What they didn’t know is that I can pound like Fox from the Man Show. Since all of the people in the bar were sick of these kids (obnoxious Phillies chants) I ended my win with a suprise. Check it out.

-BA BAracus from Westchester – not upstate NY’

Dear Lord almighty. Fat Yankees fans and obnoxious Phillies fans in a dick measuring contest at McSorleys. This might be worse than when they played in the World Series. And on the Hallowed Ground of one of America’s oldest bars nonetheless. I suppose I’ll give you credit for defending home turf here. We can’t have Philly Scum coming into our city and running the show. But lets pump the brakes with the whole “crushed 3 beers in under 5 seconds.” Everyone knows the beers at McSorley’s are mini beers. They’re like maybe 8 oz each. So you really chugged like a beer and half or 2 in 5 seconds. Which, while impressive for a normal person, ain’t really wowing anybody here at Barstool New York. Typical Yankees fan puffing out his chest acting badder than he really is. And typical Phillies fans just retreating and giving up like a bunch of 10,000 loss losers.

Although I will say, BA Baracus’ line about the 20% off Adidas jumpsuit from Kohl’s made me laugh out loud.