Dante just sent me this video from the Blackout Dream Team on their way to Delaware. For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter, I’ve been keeping track of how many fucking times I see the Citi rock climbing commercial with that AWFUL song “Somebody Left The Gate OOOOPEN!” Well as me and everyone else on Twitter are fucking cringing every time this piece of shit commercial comes on, turns out Feitelberg fuckin rocks out to this song. Downloaded it to his itunes and his ipod and pumps it in the Blackout truck as these guys go all over the country.

See this is what people don’t always understand about the Blackout. You think these guys are just having a grand old time going all over the land partying with beautiful girls from the biggest colleges in America? For sure not. Sometimes you’re throwing your body all over the pavement on failed stage dive. Sometimes you’re stuck in the backseat of driving to Delaware while Somebody Left the Gate Open is blasting. Seriously I’m surprised someone from the Dream Team hasn’t died or turned gay yet. Those guys have spent a LOT of time together.