Babeland – Fallen under the spell of Fifty Shades of Grey, the erotic novel sweeping the nation? If you’re curious about how to try out some of the scenes from the book, we’ll discuss ways to make your fantasies into reality. Arrive early; the first fifteen guests will receive gift bags filled with toys that are Mr. Grey Approved.

Who doesn’t love brunch, right? Especially a brunch where chicks are looking to get tied up and fucked. I mean ordinarily when I go to brunch my toughest decision is whether I go with breakfast foods or lunch. Do I get the french toast or do I fast forward and get a burger. But at the Babeland 50 Shades brunch you gotta decide whether you wanna spank bitches with a Singapore cane or the leather whip. Do you wanna dominate or get dominated? Nursing a bad hangover? Well shove these ben wa balls in your pussy and start drinking that bottomless mimosa! Don’t have much of an appetite? Don’t worry your waiter will wrap up your pancakes along with your butt plugs and latex masks. Its the 50 Shades of Grey brunch.

Seriously though, the only thing chicks love more than brunch these days is this fuckin book. Chicks just love being sluts and eating brunch. Combine the two and who knows whats gonna happen. It would be the equivalent of Rathbones doing their unlimited wings special and also bringing in strippers for guys.