Barstool New York’s Summer Swag Twitter Giveaway is in full swing. @nscragg is our first Stoolie to earn himself a free American Flag Viva La Stool Starfish tank top. Now some of you tough guys might be like “Thats it? Thats all he gets?” Well when this dude is balls deep in the hottest bitches on the beach because he’s got the freshest summer gear out there, then you’ll realize the truly value of summer swag. Its about being the most confident dude on the beach. The most stylish. Its about that feeling the next morning when she wakes up in your sharehouse bedroom and throws on your Viva La Stool tank top to cover up. Thats what this contest is about. Thats what life is about.

So the next giveaway will be when my twitter account @KFCBarstool hits 21,000 followers. The only stipulation is that you gotta follow both @BarstoolNewYork and @KFCBarstool to be eligible. The first 4 people I randomly selected followed one or the other but not both so they missed out. So follow both accounts and every time I gain another 1,000 followers I select another person from random. We’re going all summer long.

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