JACKSONVILLE, Fla., June 8 (UPI)The Juggling Information Service Committee on Numbers said a Florida teenager set a world record by completing 26 catches with 10 balls. The committee said the May 28 feat by David Ferman of Jacksonville, an 11th-grader at The Bolles School, beat out the previous record of 23 catches with 10 balls, set by Bruce Sarafian in 2001, the (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Union reported Wednesday. “It took until I lost count of how many catches, and that allowed me to break through the mental barrier, just push through,” Ferman said. “I actually had to go back and watch the slow-motion replay and count the catches.”

Does David Ferman really expect me to just ignore that one juggling ball that he dropped? Like its right there on video. Hard proof at the 11 second mark when he drops that shit. I don’t know what the Juggling Information Service Committee’s standards are but I’d be pretty pissed off if you can set juggling records while dropping shit.

Learning to juggle has got to be the stupidest fucking thing on the planet earth. Unless you are legitimately a circus clown there is no discernible reason to learn to juggle. Plus have you ever tried to learn? One of the most physically taxing things ever. Might as well just do 1,000 squats a day because thats basically what you’re doing trying to pick up those stupid square bean bags every time you drop them. I tried to learn once for liek 45 minutes and I looked and felt like Feitelberg after running the Spartan Race. Needed to ice down after a while. Which is probably the reason why people who can juggle are such assholes about it. Always juggling in your face because they went to hell and back just to be able to juggle those stupid things.

PS – I love how David Ferman tries to act all calm and cool after catching all 9,000 of those balls. You know that dude probably went absolutely nuts after the camera was turned off. Went right to some juggling forum on line to tell all his juggling friends how good at juggling balls he is. Get used to it pal. Gonna be a lot of ball juggling in your future.