Miami Herald - What began as a jealous argument almost turned deadly for a Key Largo man involved with a woman in an open marriage, Monroe County police say. Candice Lee, 37, allegedly shot her former lover, Shakir Muilam, 45, with a .22-caliber rifle after the two argued over her relationship with a new boyfriend, said Deputy Becky Herrin, spokeswoman with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. Lee and her husband, whom the Sheriff’s Office did not identify, are in an open relationship, which allows them to have other sexual partners, Herrin said. Lee and Muilam were in a relationship but broke up recently. However, she and her husband allowed Muilam to live with them when he was diagnosed with cancer. While living with her husband and Muilam, Lee began a new relationship with yet another man. Muilam found Lee and her boyfriend talking early Thursday outside of their home at 217 St. Croix Pl. and became angry, according to police. Lee reportedly told Muilam that if he didn’t approve of her new relationship, he could move out. Sometime during the argument, Lee reportedly fell and hit her head. She went inside the house and came back outside with the rifle and pointed it at Muilam. Lee told investigators that as she and Muilam argued, he reached behind himself and she shot him in the thigh. 

I could have just stopped the title at “Florida woman” and you could have naturally assumed there was some sort of multiple-sex-partners tragedy ending in disease and gunfire. The relationship lesson to learn here is two fold – 1) “Open relationships” are a myth. Don’t ever get duped by your partner telling you they are cool with you fucking another person. Because it will always end messy. If you’re in Florida, messy=gunshots. 2) When you’re breaking up with someone you can’t cave in because something is wrong with that person. You just gotta break ties. Yea I’m sorry you’ve got cancer but the bottom line is I don’t wanna fuck you anymore, so you gotta get the fuck out. I can remember knowing that it was time to break up with chicks and being like “Wellllll, you know her birthday is in 2 months. I’d hate to dump her and ruin her birthday!” “Her grandma is in the hospital so I better put this off.” Just spending months on end putting off a break up I knew had to happen. Disaster. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a swinger from Florida dating a dude with cancer or not – bottom line is when its time to end it, its time to end it. Nothing else matter. Otherwise brace for your husband and your 2nd boyfriend fighting and you shooting a third dude with cancer.