El Pres posted this video over on Barstool Boston earlier today, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t get this up for the NY Stoolies.  Pres took it easy, saying he didn’t feel like being damned to an eternity of suffering for making fun of this girl.  Welp, I’ve already got my ticket to hell booked so fuck it.

Move over, Dakota Fanning.  Forget about Meryl Streep.  Somebody give this girl the Oscar right now!  She’s perfectly fine when walking backwards or running?  Yea and I bet she can eat and talk normal when she’s flying over Colorado in a homeade weather balloon.  You think I’m gonna be fooled because some quack doctor made up “dystonia” as her disorder?  Please I can get you a made up swine flu shot disorder by 3 o’clock this afternoon.  These fucking amatuers.  When she cashes in on some pharmaceutical lawsuit and all the sudden she’s back on the sidelines rooting for Jim Zorn and the Redskins don’t be surprised.

Seriously I know I am probably going to hell for this, but when she hits the finish line of her little jog at the 1:28 mark and starts acting like a cripple again I laugh every single time.

UPDATE – I’m not gonna hit you with a “Did KFC do it again, or did KFC do it again!” because I’ve ruffled a lof of feathers and this is still a sad situation, but I’m just sayin…