2 straight complete game 1 hitters. Something that hasn’t been done in nearly 25 years. He’s the first pitcher since 1900 to do it with 10 or more strikeouts. He’s got 11 wins, an ERA under 2.50, and more strikeouts than innings pitched through his first 14 starts. There’s only 4 pitchers in history who have ever had as good of a start. Maybe you’ve heard of them:

2006 Liriano, Francisco, Min.     11-2  105K  92.2IP  1.65
2000 Johnson, Randy, Ari.         11-1  150K 109.2IP  1.40
1999 Martinez, Pedro, Bos.        12-2  151K 103.2IP  2.17
1966 Koufax, Sandy, L.A.          11-1  111K 109.1IP  1.40

He hasn’t given up an earned run this month and 3 of his 4 starts have been complete games. The Dickpiece takes the mound, gives you the Knuckle and closes out the game with a Pinch and a Clockwise Swirl. Its absolutely remarkable. I know most people are just gonna chalk this up to me being an overzealous Mets fan but what RA Dickey is doing is nothing short of historic. He’s 37 years old, tossin junk, and putting together one of the greatest seasons of all time. His name is Robert and rather going by Bob or Bobby or Rob he decided to go with the truly absurd R.A. He climbed Mount Kiliminjaro. He fucked his babysitter. He is…the most interesting man in the world.

So I’d say its officially T-shirt time! The dude’s name has Dick in it, his speciality involves a knuckle, and he’s got a signature beard. Coming up with a good t shirt for him shouldn’t be too difficult. As always, I wanna see what the Stoolies can come up with. Send me your email submissions for an RA Dickey t shirt design and if we use your design you get $250.