Wake up occurs at the 53 second mark

It takes a lot to put a Diet Coke addict to sleep, but looks like Sweeny was able to accomplish the impossible. The best part is Francesa’s reaction when they wake him up. Its like “Wha? Wha happened? I feel asleep? Wait-ah-sekend wait-ah-sekend! Eddie how could you let me fawl asleep like dat? Unbuhleevable. If you guys would just do ya jawb and keep me awake dis woulda neva happened! I need anotha diet coke!” I mean for real talk about a lose-lose situation. I think there’s an old adage “Let sleeping Francesas lie” but then you run the risk of him getting caught sleeping on the air by Sweeny. Stuck between a fat, pompous radio host mailing it in and a hard place.