Oh, right, you’re the guy who lost his mind a couple years ago and launched a folding chair at a dude in the crowd. Unless you’re detailing the perfect execution of “the Ron Artest,” I don’t wanna hear it. KFC and I agreeing on something the day of the Subway Series is not a good look for Frank Francisco. Not a good look at all. Him calling the Yankees out for being “chickens” would be like me hopping on Prez’s rant against Bleacher Report yesterday. Let’s call a spade a spade- I’m not that significant a piece of the Barstool team; nothing I’ve done would validate any of my shit talk toward the rival website. Sure I have a solid outing every once in a while, but for the most part, I only make an appearance every couple of days and it’s always an adventure. The difference is this: I know my role and Frank Francisco doesn’t. The guy didn’t even pitch in the first round of the Subway Series, which only adds to his lack of credibility. Reminds me of the scene in Funny People when Seth Rogen chases the girl down at the airport and she just completely disregards him as a person. Who the fuck are you, Frank? Keep your “trash talk” to yourself until the ERA dips under a bajillion. “Chickens?” Sick burn. Probably shoulda followed it up by telling the reporter that Derek Jeter is a meanie and Cano is a doodie head. I’ve never rooted for the Yankees to be down a run in the ninth, but I can’t wait to see this bloated fuck get knocked around this weekend.

P.S.- I saw David Wright in the city last night with some smoke at a restaurant. Besides the fact that he big leagued me like we don’t contribute essentially the same amount to New York baseball, he had a look of fear in his eyes. He and the rest of the Mets don’t want any part of the Yankees. 2 of 3 at least.