DES MOINES, Iowa Des Moines police are investing a report of a sexual assault at a Drake University fraternity. Police said the case centers around pictures and video that a male victim said he found of himself being sexually abused. The victim said he found the images on his fraternity brother’s computer. Anthony Bertolone, 21, is charged with third-degree felony sex abuse. Bertolone is a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity at Drake University. The victim told police that he copied images to a memory card from Bertolone’s computer and then he called police. The victim told police the images are of Bertolone performing sex acts on him while he was passed out. The victim told police he has never been in a sexual relationship with Bertolone and that he didn’t consent to the acts. The victim also told police that he did not remember any of what was depicted in the photographs and videos.

College bro.  Man I fucking miss college. See this is what the old school people like the cops will never understand. Shit like this happens all the time in college.  Sometimes you wake up next to a fat chick. Sometimes you puke hungover during a final. And sometimes you pass out drunk and a frat brother sucks your cock on camera and saves it on his computer to watch later.   Just so fucking frat.  I mean this kid DEFINITELY had his shoes on too.   Had to.  You don’t get your dick sucked by a dude blacked out if you don’t got your shoes on.  Sure back in my day we stuck with Sharpie dicks to the face but if today’s kids are getting more progressive and going with real dicks to the asshole then who am I to judge.